June 13, 2024

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Welcome to Southern University Bangladesh. Each of our distinctive educational programs is designed to enable you to reach your own individual academic goals. In today’s competitive work environment, earning an advanced academic degree is the first step to start a highly successful career.

Being able to offer quality higher education throughout the country is a rare commodity. We are interested in developing critical intellectual skills necessary for individuals to grow and serve their communities after graduation. All of us are here to support your academic pursuit. Giving attention to the individual is our tradition and it has been so since we established. As a result, our reputation has been growing, and we are more visible nationally than ever before.

We firmly believe that your future career building at Southern will be the best investment you will make. We are confident, you will find our programs among the best available. Don’t be left behind. Give yourself the educational foundation and business insights that will open doors to your future.

Sarwar Jahan
Founder , Southern University Bangladesh