March 1, 2024


Member of Trustee Board

In the year 2000, Professor Sarwar Jahan conceived the idea and created a team to establish a Private University in the light of Private University Act 1992 & 1998 of Bangladesh. Team members were (2) Prof. Dr. Ishrat Jahan, (3) A.H.M.Alamgir, (4) A.B.M. Shajahan, (5) Naeem Jahangir, where Professor Sarwar Jahan was the main Initiator and Founder of Southern University Bangladesh. In 2006 Professor Sarwar Jahan re-organized the trustee board as below.

Members of the Syndicate:

1. Prof. Dr. Md. Nurul Mustafa, Vice Chancellor  -Chairman
2. Alhaj Khalilur Rahman, Chairman, Southern University Bangladesh Trust,- Member
3. Prof. Sarwar Jahan, Initiator of Southern University, -Member
4. Mr. Md. Liakat Ali, Vice-Chairman, Southern University Bangladesh Trust,- Member
5. Alhaj Shafiq Uddin, Vice-Chairman, Southern University Bangladesh Trust,- Member
6. Prof. Engr. M. Ali Ashraf,  Pro Vice-Chancellor (i.c.) Member and Head, Dept. of Civil Eng.,-Member
7. Prof. Dr. A N M Abdul Muqtader, Dean, Faculty of Business Administration,-Member
8. Prof. Md. Mohiuddin Chowdhury, Head, Department of Pharmacy – Member
9. Prof. Dr. Monir Uddin, University of Chittagong,-Member
10. Mr.Shafiuddin Ahmed, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Education,- Member
11. Prof. Dr. Ishrat Jahan, Head, Department of Business Administration- Member
12. Dr. Engr, Mozammel Hoque, Registrar,- Secretary

Members of the Academic Council

  1. Prof. Dr. Md. Nurul Mustafa, Vice Chancellor – Chairman
  2. Prof. Sarwar Jahan, Founder – Member
  3. Prof. Engr. M. Ali Ashraf, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (c.c.) – Member
  4. Prof. A.J.M. Nuruddin Chowdhury, Director IQAC, Member
  5. Prof. Dr. Muin-ud-Din A. Khan, Dean, Faculty of Arts & Social sc.- Member.
  6. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Sharifuzaman, Dean, Faculty of  Science & Engineering, Member
  7. Prof. Engr. Mohammad Mozammel Hoque, Adviser, Dept. of Civil Engineering – Member
  8. Prof. M. Mohiuddin Chowdhury, Head, Dept. of Pharmacy – Member
  9. Prof Dr. Abu Tayab, Dept. of Geography & Environmental Studies, C.U. – Member
  10. Prof. Dr. Saleh Jahur, Dept. of Finance, C.U. – Member
  11. Prof. Md. Mohiuddin Khaled, Adviser, Department of Law – Member
  12. Prof. Dr. Ishrat Jahan, Head, Dept. of Business Administration – Member
  13. Mr. Murtaza Islam Johanjeb Tareq, Head, Department of Law – Member
  14. Dr. Shakhawat Ullah Chowdhury, Head, GED – Member
  15. Dr. Engr. Mozammel Hoque, Registrar – Secretary