April 17, 2024


Faculty of Business Administration

The Faculty of Business Administration is one of the founding and the largest Department of Southern University, established in the year of 1998. In the year 1999, Department of Business introduced MBA-EMBA program in Chattogram, first time MBA-EMBA program offered in Chattogram. It is an accredited, non-profit institution operating semester system and providing Undergraduate and Graduate education for all local and international without any discrimination. It has 1500 students enrolled every semester and 45 highly qualified experienced faculty members. In Chattogram, over the years, the university has built up a reputation for academic excellence and positive impact in the community.  The Department offers:

Civil Engineering at SUB

The Department of Civil Engineering, SUB launched its journey in the Spring 2009 semester and offered a 4-year undergraduate program in Civil Engineering. As per academic calendar, the first batch of students graduated in Fall 2012. Since then up to Fall 2018, thirteen batches have graduated. The program starts with foundation courses in basic sciences, mathematics, humanities, social sciences and management with basic courses in Civil Engineering. Subsequently, specialization takes place in the fields of Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, and Water Resources Engineering. The curriculum is designed to provide the students with a strong theoretical background along with laboratory experiences, projects, and practical work/ internship.

The department has dedicated itself to providing quality education, encouraging faculty, staff and student to a strong commitment to excellence. For technical education, especially for Civil Engineering, the department always gives importance on laboratory facilities, professional training or internship, and project. In the CE department of SUB, the courses dependent on laboratories start from the very first semester and continue up to the graduation. The department provides full-fledged laboratory facilities for its students. The internship that the students have to complete with an industry/organization before she/he graduates help her/him to grow in confidence to work in real life situations.

The department has always been trying to provide complete Civil Engineering education with class lectures, laboratory demonstrations, quality research work, and a professional internship. Eventually the Civil Engineering program, SUB has been accredited by the Board of Accreditation of Engineering and Technical Education (BAETE). The graduates of this department have been admitted in the postgraduate program of the country’s premier engineering university, and in reputed universities abroad. In 2018, an external peer review team of UGC’s Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) gave the department an overall judgment “Very Good” based on the academic quality aspects.

As an advance step to encourage higher education and quality research within the department and meet demands in the job market, the department is going to launch its postgraduate (Masters) program. To face the challenge of the twenty-first century, the department is committed to continue and improve its overall feature to produce quality Civil Engineers.

Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

With the gradual demand of the society and technological enhancement and excellence, the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was started his academic journey in September 2008, with the undergraduate program.

At Southern University Bangladesh, a balanced portfolio of degrees, introducing advanced subjects within the context of practical engineering is offered. This provides an appreciation of the whole field allowing you to make informed and flexible choices about your project work. EEE department offers Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in EEE. It is a 4 years program that requires 162.0 credit hours. For diploma holders under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (3/4 years), it is a 3 year four months program that requires 142.0 credit hours and the remaining 20 credit hours counted from his diploma degree courses. For accepting these 20 credit hours, the students have to submit all of his/her diploma transcripts (Eight semesters (4 years)/six semesters (3 years). All its degree courses are accredited by the UGC and Bangladesh Government. The total number of graduate students from this department is 936 whereas a current number of students is 500.

It is hoped that this brochure provides the answers to most of the questions you have about the opportunities available when studying electrical and electronic engineering at SUB.


The vision of EEE department is to attain academic excellence in our academic programs for creating globally competitive professionals by creating congenial teaching, learning and research environment.


With this vision, the mission of the department of EEE is to provide its graduates with the knowledge and skills needed for high-quality engineering work along with advanced engineering research in order to prepare them for diverse and competitive career paths through the 4 years curriculum in 12 semesters.


The program objectives of the EEE department of Southern University Bangladesh have been set in such a way so that after graduation the students can demonstrate:

  1. The ability to design and solve the problems in at least one special area such as electrical or electronic hardware, control system, electromagnetic fields and waves, and communication, signal processing etc.
  2. The ability to identify and solve engineering problems.
  3. The understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.
  4. The ability to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and social context.
  5. The ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.
  6. The confidence and depth of knowledge to conduct the subsequent post-graduate study.









Department of General Education

(Non-Degree Awarding Department for Interdisciplinary courses)

At Southern University Bangladesh, we are proud of our wide-ranging General Education course. Students entering the University study Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences as well as Bangladesh Studies and English Language in their first year on top of courses for their specialist subjects.

Each of the three branches, Science, Bangladesh Studies, and, lastly, Humanities and Social Sciences earn passing students three (3) credits for thirty hours of face-to-face study with GED faculty. However, outside classes, they can also take advantage of our web-based materials to read the lectures again or listen to audio recordings of them. This will help to improve their English language skills as well. 

At Southern University Bangladesh, we believe that all university students should have a broad range of general knowledge and that is just what we aim to give you. 

But you might be worried about your computer skills. Don’t be! For those who struggle with IT, we provide a hands-on introduction, where we will introduce you to typing and keyboard skills, emailing, social media, PowerPoint presentations and more. And all of this will be in the University’s state-of-the-art computer labs. 

Let’s face it, to get the best jobs, everyone needs to be computer literate and that’s just what we offer you before you even begin classes. But what about English? 

You are probably a Bangla medium student who has not had much practice in speaking, listening or writing. Maybe English frightens you and we are sure most of you find it boring and hard. You won’t feel like that with us! Our friendly young staff do not lecture you on grammar but give you the space to speak and develop confidence in your English skills through fun, interactive language classes. We do not repeat boring lessons on grammar that you have already suffered at SSC and HSC level. We get you using the language on paper and in conversation. 

So, why don’t you contact us and find out more? We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Southern University Bangladesh family! We are the first department you will be working with. And we know it’s got to interest you and that it’s going to be an honor and adventure for us too!

General Education (GEd)

The General Education (GEd) Program at Southern University is a set of requirements established by the Faculty as part of Undergraduate degree programs. The General Education (GEd) requirements are a subset of the University requirements and constitute a designated curriculum required of Undergraduate students. These interdisciplinary courses are to support the General curricula requirements of academic departments. These subjects foster an important intellectual attitude: commitment to and participation in a life of thought and continues learning. The foundation of the Undergraduate curriculum is the General Education (GEd) Program. GEd is designed to accommodate the increasing specialization of the University within the broader, traditional objectives of higher education while encouraging students to develop themselves to the fullest extent possible. GEd aims at personal enrichment, cultural awareness, and breadth of knowledge.

General education: 09 Courses X 3 Credit =27 Credit Hours

General Education Requirements

All candidates for Bachelor’s degrees must earn 27-36 semester credit hours of university-level general education as a part of the total bachelor degree requirement of 120-162 semester credit hours. These credits must be earned from four different academic areas shown below.

General Education (GEd) Courses

The University may change a course(s) or drop a course(s) when class strength is too low or if the teacher is not available.