April 17, 2024

About us

Things have changed significantly over the years in higher education (HE). HE is the fastest growing demand in developing country like Bangladesh. Over the years, Southern University has offered a unique teaching methodology, so students can involve and challenge today’s world.  

In general, Southern University is modeled on North American universities and follows their academic features such as delivering a significant general education curriculum, semester systems, credit hours, letter grades, etc.

In the year 1998, the University began its life as an Institute, which was an affiliated Bangladesh Campus of USA, UK Universities and later with the demand of situations Professor Sarwar Jahan & Professor Dr. Ishrat Jahan initiated and established Southern University Bangladesh, as a charitable, non-profit, non-commercial and non-political organization under a Foundation. November 26,2002 Ministry of education approved Southern University Bangladesh, under the Private Universities act of 1992 & 1998. The University was formally inaugurated and started its academic journey on January 14,  2003. Later, Professor Sarwar Jahan reorganized the Foundation, in the light of the Private University Act 2010 and as instructed by the Ministry of Education and the University Grants Commission, (UGC) of Bangladesh, the highest accrediting (controlling) authority on higher education in the country and formed the Southern University Bangladesh Trust(SUBT). The Board of Trustees (BOT) is the apex policy making and approving body of the university. The Honorable President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is the Chancellor of Southern University Bangladesh.

Southern University is located at the port city of Chittagong on the South-eastern part of Bangladesh. Present campus located only at Mehedibag Road, Chittagong. Permanent Campus located at Arefin Nogor, Bayzid Bostami, Chittagong.

In the spirit of the liberation war, state unity and solidarity, we are grooming our students as a global citizen to face challenges of the digital era. At present, Nine(9) Bachelors and Seven(7) Masters programs in Nine (9)  Departments such as Business , Hotel ManagementComputer Sc., EnglishLawPharmacyCommunication EngineeringCivil EngineeringElectrical Engineering and Religion under three separate faculties namely (i) Faculty of Business Administration, (ii) Faculty of Science & Engineering  and (iii) Faculty of Arts, Social Science & Law.